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  • Until further notice, we will be meeting online. See the details in each meeting.

    Meetings start at 7:00 pm

  • May 6: Kathy Dunnehoff

    Topic: Where Do Ideas Come From?


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    May 13: Guest Speaker - Joe Hartlaub

    Topic: Everything you wanted to know about reading, writing and publishing but not enough to ask.


    Joe lives in Westerville, Ohio, and is semi-retired from the practice of law in the field of intellectual property. He is a senior writer and reviewer for bookreporter.com and is a bi-weekly blogger at killzoneblog.com. Joe is frequently consulted on personal protection issues, including threat avoidance and armed/unarmed attack repulsion.


    Joe is Deb Burke’s cohort blogger at TKZ.


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    May 20: Open Readings

    This is our regular Open Readings Zoom meeting.


    Please take note of our Guidelines for Open Readings.


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    Wait, I don't know how to join a Zoom meeting.

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    May 27: The Screenwriting Group

    The Montana Screenwriting Meetup has resumed regular meetings


    Would you like to read one (or more) of the Best Original Screenplays nominated this year for Oscars (&or WGA or Golden Globe Awards)?


    You can -- then join us to discuss them on 4/22 at our first Montana Screenwriting "Award Scriptapalooza"!


    Get access to downloadable PDFs of the Best Original Screenplay nominated scripts at our MT Screenwriting Meetup 4/22 Event Page:




    Please select one award-nominated script you'd like to read, then read it and be prepared to tell us about it -- what it's about, what you liked, what you didn't like, or anything else -- on 4/22. (If you want to read and share about more than one, however, that's OK too...)


    A "YES" RSVP at this Event Page is required to get our 4/22 Zoom link.


    In May (on 5/27) we will discuss the Best Adapted Screenplays nominated for Oscars, WGA or Golden Globe awards. Check the MT Screenwriting Meetup after 5/1 for links to PDFs and 5/27 Zoom access...






    June 3: Kathy Dunnehoff

    Topic: Writing Hacks Worth Sharing!


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