President's Corner

Jack Kerouac said, ďIt ainít whatcha write, itís the way atcha write it.Ē I hope Iím not besmirching my favorite from among the beats, but really, the most important thing is just atcha write it.

To paraphrase a hackneyed old chestnut, a journey of a thousand pages begins with a single word. Words are the raw material of writers, stories are the paintings. Make your painting beautiful, make it dark, make it romantic, make it whatever you want but make it.

Authors of the Flathead is about writers helping writers. No one else can put words on paper for you. No one else can tell your story. No one else can make your painting but we can help make it spectacular.

Shannon Hanson

Scrivener News

Here's some news for anyone learning how to use Scrivener:

Good info on how to use Scrivener.

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