• "Ideas are cheap. It's the execution that is all important."

    - George R.R. Martin


    Club News

    • Val Matthews has no more openings left for our upcoming conference.

    • A new President's Message is now available on the Authors of the Flathead website that includes important information about upcoming meetings and the conference.

    • Evaluations by Lynnette Novak and Suzanne Lyons at our upcoming conference are now filled. Here are your options.

    • The Online Registration page for our Writers Conference is now available. Just click on "Conf Registration" above and scroll down to take your pick of registration options.

    • The good news is that we can't keep track of all the new books members are publishing. So if you would like your cover art and where your books can be purchased to be posted here, let us know what's new from your keyboard. Contact Webmaster with cover art and a link where your books(s) can be purchased.

      Dear Authors of the Flathead Members,  Connie Cermak, our conference media and advertising...
    Dear Authors,  The October 1 & 2 Flathead River Writers Conference is only a month away! We...
    Dear Authors of the Flathead Members and Friends, If you haven’t already, register for the...
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  • Our most recent books by our members

    A longer list of our members' books is available below these covers

  • Where to buy



    ALBERT, INA – Fiction & Nonfiction

    Write Your Self Well, Granny Greeny Says Listen Louder


    BROOKS, WILLIAM B. – Photographer, Author

    Like Wind I Go, Then There Was a Dog


    BURKE, DEBBIE – Tawny Lindholm Thriller series

    Instrument of the Devil, Stalking Midas, Eyes in the Sky, Dead Man’s Bluff, Crowded Hearts



    The Best Revenge


    BUCHANAN, CAROL – Historical Western

    God’s Thunderbolt, The Devil in the Bottle, Gold Under Ice and many more


    BUDEWITZ, LESLIE – Nonfiction; Two Cozy Mystery series and more

    Books, Crooks and Counselors; Food Lovers’ Village Mysteries set in fictional Jewel Bay Montana; Spice Shop Mystery Series set in Seattle’s Pike Place Market


    CARBO, CHRISTINE – Suspense, Glacier Mystery Series

    The Wild Inside, Mortal Fall, The Weight of Night, A Sharp Solitude


    COMPTON, TERRY – Prolific Nonfiction, Multi-genre Fiction

    Numerous series, dozens of books! The Alcantarans Series, Wanted series


    DUNNEHOFF, KATHY – Romantic Comedy Novelist, screenwriter

    The Do-Over, Plan On It, Back To U, Hollywood Beginnings


    EPPERSON, DEBORAH – Novelist

    Breaking Twig, Shadows of Home


    ERLER, M.F. – Young Adult spiritual fantasy series The Peaks Saga

    Finding the Light, Beyond the World, The Fountain and the Desert, When the World Grows Cold, Searching for Maia, Mountaintops and Valleys, Where All Worlds End


    FIELDER, KEN - Novelist

    A Little West of Rosie’s


    FOLEY, DENNIS – Fiction, Memoir

    Long range Patrol trilogy, Requiem for Crows, Special Men – A LRP’s Recollections


    GILES, JEFF – Young Adult Fantasy

    The Edge of Everything, The Brink of Darkness


    KUFFEL, BETTY – Multi-genre author, Nonfiction & Medical Thrillers

    Eyes of a Pedophile, Your Heart-Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease in Women, Men and Children, Modern Birth Control, Deadly Pyre, Deadly Spin, Alaska Flight, Fatal Feast


    KUFFEL, THOMAS C. – Nonfiction

    A K.I.S.S. Guide to Retirement Investing


    LENGSFELDER, PG – Psychological Mystery, Suspense

    Beautiful to the Bone, Our Song - Memento Mori


    LOMAX, BECKY – Nonfiction, Journalist

    USA National Parks MOON books 18+


    MADDUX, DONNA – Historical Young Adult

    My Friend LITTLE CLAW


    MARTIN, MARIE F. – Fiction: mystery, thriller, suspense

    Maternal Harbor, Harbored Secrets, Ratham Creek, Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick, Blame the Car Ride


    MCCLENDON, LISE – Prolific novelist

    Bennett Sisters Mystery Series - #7 Blame it on Paris


    MILLER, ANGELA - Memoirist

    Hornbill’s Daughter


    MINNETT, ANN – Novelist, Psychological Thrillers

    Fifteen Years of Lies, Serita’s Shelf Life, Burden of Breath, Daring Passage: Book 2 of the Spirited Away Saga


    MONTANA, JANET (Janet Smith) - Author, Illustrator - Children’s books

    Monkey Business in Glacier National Park (kid’s guidebook)


    MOORE, PA (Phyllis Quatman) – Legal Thrillers

    Courthouse Cowboys, Courthouse rebel: A Former Prosecutor Strikes a Blow for Justice


    OWEN, JESS E. – Artist, Entrepreneur and YA Fantasy Author

    Song of the Summer King, Skyfire, A Shard of Sun, By The Silver Wind


    PLUMMER. MAGGIE – Multi-genre Series Author

    Bell-Bottom Gypsy and Webs in the Mist - Jessie Morgan Series, Spirited Away Saga 1 & 2


    PURVIS, SUSAN – Memoirist

    Go Find: My Journey to Fin the Lost – and Myself


    RICE, DIXON BENNETT – Thriller Author

    The Assassin’s Club


    RORVIK, SHIRLEY A. – Novelist

    Jack’s Carousel: Can Love Overcome Deep Prejudice?


    SARKOZY, SUZIE (Sue Toppen)– Novelist

    A Deal to Die For


    SATTERFIELD, JIM – Novelist, Western Fiction

    Saving Laura, The River’s Song


    SCHIFFMAN, BARBARA –Non-fiction and fiction author, Script reader, writing coach

    Akashic Muse: Collaborating With Your Soul & The Akashic Records for Writing and Other Endeavors, Living in Balance for Boomers series, Recipes for Living (Healthy Living in Body, Mind & Spirit - series)


    SCHIFFMAN, GLENN – Multi-genre fiction

    The Way I was Taught, Seasons Around the Medicine Wheel (Coloring Journals for Healthy Living)


    SMITH, BONNIE – Multi-genre fiction

    Blue Mesa - Plural Marriage, Mystery, and Murder; The Soul of Frannie Cooper - Historical fiction

    TABOR, FE (or Fran Tabor) –Multi-genre, non-fiction & fiction

    Shhhh It’s a Secret: How to Compete Against Walmart and the Internet, To Own Two Suns, Eagle Rock


    WILLS, KAREN – Historical Novelist

    Remarkable silence, All Too Human: A Saga of Deadly Deceptions and Dark Desires, River with No Bridge


    WOOD, MADGE – Novelist

    Plans Interrupted

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