Writing Resources


  • Writing, Critique, & Support Groups

    Authors Guild of America

    Advice on publishing for novelists and non-fiction authors. Once you have a book contract in hand you can join. Learn more.

    The Internet Writing Workshop

    Critique groups that meet by mail. Get signed up!

    Local Critique Groups

    Participation in critique groups is open to paid members of Authors of the Flathead.


    Critique Groups offer members an opportunity to meet regularly with other authors to give and receive feedback on their work. Critique group members get to know each other’s work well, and are able to offer more in-depth feedback than is possible to give and receive at Open Readings.


    Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback are set by each individual Critique Group.


    Each critique group independently decides when, where, for how long and how often to meet, how many members to include, what kind of work to critique, and how to run their meetings.


    Please contact us if you would like to join a group. If there are no suitable openings in our established groups, the Chair can assist you in starting your own group.

    Montana Women Writers

    A women's writing group located in Kalispell, MT. Monthly meetings include guest speakers that offer helpful tips and tricks on a variety of topics. Learn more.

    Sisters in Crime

    A nationwide networking/support group for mystery writers. Learn more.

    Society of Children's' Book Writers and Illustrators (Montana Chapter)

    A supportive group of artists who use words and pictures to bring stories to life for kids. Learn more.

    Writers Guild of America

    The absolute source of all things for screenwriters. You can register your screenplays there. Learn more.

  • Editing, Publishing, & Writing Tips

    A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

    Can't remember the difference between a metaphor and a simile? Get help here.

    Dennis' Writing Annex

    Where screenwriter, published author, and writing professor Dennis Foley expands on content from his online class. Visit site.

    Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms

    A crash course in terms you may encounter on your journey to master the craft of writing. Start learning.

    Operation Awesome

    A blog that offers writing tips, writing contests, and much more. Visit site.

    Proofreading Marks 101

    Learn to decipher those proofreading marks from Open Readings! Get the basics here.

    Storyfix (Larry Brooks)

    A site that gets serious about the craft of writing. Storyfix "offers a deep dive into each facet of the storytelling proposition, which you can apply to your process to elevate your game and claim your career as a novelist or screenwriter." Learn More.

    Unruly Guides

    Authors of the Flathead member Suzanne Parrott's site offers self-publishing tips, tutorials, and guides. Learn more.

    Write Your Self

    A website that offers online training to those that want to teach trauma-sensitive writing. Learn more.

    Writers Digest

    Writer’s Digest literally “wrote the book” on writing and getting published... so what better resource for writing advice? Learn more.

  • Other Writing Resources & Interesting Sites

    Book Finder

    Need to find a book? Look no further! Start searching.

    Club Documents

    Authors of the Flathead policies, bylaws, meeting minutes and more. Click here.

    Copyright Office

    Learn about copyrighting basics including how to start the process. Learn more.

    Lipstick Logic

    A blog founded by Authors of the Flathead member Betty Kuffel. The blog is dedicated to helping women lead healthy lives. Learn more.

    Writer's Cafe

    Software that can make fiction writing a tad easier. (No, it won't do the writing for you.) Learn more.

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