• Fran's Experience Creating an Audiobook


    I discovered Findaway while looking up audiobooks on the net. I looked up their website and followed the simple directions.

    After I gave them a description of the book type, Findaway suggested several readers, each of whom had a different hourly rate. I selected four "maybes", three sent me reading samples. I selected one.


    I lucked out. The one I selected did not just read the book as written. An experienced voice actor, he understands the written word and the audio word are processed by the brain differently. A couple of my chapters covered multiple topics. Since it's a short non-fiction, he recommended each section be focused on only one topic. He was right. More importantly for me, he sees us authors as business partners and — with permission — advertises the books he reads.


    The cost depends on the rates your reader charges and the total time spent reading the book, including time re-reading anything you want done differently. I had several passages I requested word changes and different transitions to the next chapter. Those were caused by my failings as an author, not his failings as a reader. The total cost for my short book was about $500; a more typical cost would be $750 to a thousand, Why bother spending $$$$$ when we can put books on Amazon and through Draft2Digital nearly free? Audiobook users go through titles faster than those who read books. That means you are more apt to be discovered.


    If, like some members of our club, you have a pleasant, easily understood speaking voice, have access to the right equipment and you have the time to record, you can save money doing your own recording.


    I enjoyed the experience, like the results, and consider the money spent a gamble with better odds than Vegas will give us. The only complication: needing to redo the cover in a square format.



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