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    Writing Classes and Workshops


    by Kathy Dunnehoff


    Explore Creative Writing

    (6 sessions)

    You’ll find getting started is easy with fun and interesting prompts, supportive fellow writers and the freedom to create.

    Mondays, Sept 14 - Oct 19

    10am-12pm $89


    Novel Challenge

    (5 sessions)

    Celebrate National Novel Writing Month with fellow writers and take a big bite out of your novel. Discuss the craft of writing and the challenges of keeping the words flowing for all 30 days of November.

    Mondays, Oct 26 – Nov 23

    6-8pm $84


    Clear The Clutter (ZOOM ONLY)

    (6 sessions)

    Discover the process of decluttering and organizing based on Marie Kondo’s book, “The Art of Tidying Up.”

    Mondays, Sept 14 – Oct 19

    6-8pm $89




    The Write Plan (ZOOM ONLY)

    (3 sessions)

    Writers are entrepreneurs. In three sessions with a useful map, some sticky notes, and your creativity, you can develop The Write Plan.

    Tuesdays, Sept 22 – Oct 6

    6-8pm $95







    Wednesdays • 6-7pm • $25 each


    Grammar Refresher – Oct 28

    Learn practical and easy-to-remember rules for correcting sentences, verb agreement, commas, colons, and semi-colons.


    Writing & Editing

    in the Workplace – Nov 4

    Use a three-part system for writing with special emphasis on editing for grammatically correct and polished final drafts.


    Writing Emails that Work – Nov 11

    Hit “send” with confidence! By considering role, audience and purpose, you will write emails that work.


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