October 13, 2019


Dear Members of Authors of the Flathead,

AOF’s motto is “Writers Helping Writers.” I hope AOF improves your craft skills and marketing as well as giving you opportunities to meet new friends united in our common interest of writing.

WE NEED YOUR HELP as a volunteer. You may not think you have gifts to offer but that’s not correct. Everyone has talents, both visible and unseen, that can contribute to keep AOF running.

Here are some volunteer opportunities where we need your help:


1. Conference planning – AOF has a detailed conference planning guidebook with step-by-step instructions. It covers how to connect with speakers, arrange venues, create and mail brochures, advertising, travel arrangements for presenters, etc. Planning for a successful conference begins as soon as the previous year’s conference ends.

I will serve as conference chair for 2020 but then will step aside. I need one or more helpers during this next year to be my right hand and work as my assistants. I will show you the ropes and teach you what’s needed to step up into the chair position.

BONUS: When you contact possible speakers, you have opportunities to talk with publishing pros, editors, agents, and established authors. By the time you meet them face-to-face at the conference, you have already established a rapport that helps you when you’re seeking guidance and direction for your work.

If you are interested in helping with the conference, please email me: bettykuffel@gmail.com

2. Officers and Board for 2020 – if you are interested in running for office or becoming a board member, please email me: bettykuffel@gmail.com


Basic responsibilities

President: coordinate all activities, letters and updates to group, respond to queries on website, be sure all speakers are posted, interface with our webmaster Dennis for changes and additions

Vice President: Primary job is to obtain and schedule speakers for the second Thursday meetings weeks to months in advance.

Treasurer: financials, checking account, savings account, CD updates, paying all bills.

Many responsibilities for conferences including:

Registration tracking, receiving/formatting/submitting MS submissions to agent or editor, paying all receipts for conference expenses. Registration table, organization of check-in, printing name tags and final conference roster. Have reports available at any time.

3. We need Monthly speakers – We need guest speakers with expertise in various areas related to writing. If you are a cover artist, a website guru, an advertising/marketing pro, a proofreader, a videographer, an expert in a particular writing software program (like Scrivener, Final Cut, etc.), AOF members want to hear from you. Scheduling for this is the responsibility of the VP.

If you attend an out-of-town conference, please give a talk to the group about what you learned elsewhere. If you would like to give a talk or suggest a speaker, please email me: bettykuffel@gmail.com

4. Student Writing Conference – AOF sponsors an annual contest for high school students with cash prizes for the winning entries in short stories and poetry. In March, we will need judges to read entries and choose the winners. This is great fun because the kids are full of imagination and creativity. Judging requires 3-4 hours (depending on the number of entries).

AOF will host a Thursday evening meeting for the winners to read their stories and poems in front of the group. We want to encourage and cheer on these brave young talents. Refreshments will be provided. If you can help with that celebration or interested in judging, please email me. bettykuffel@gmail.com

5. Annual holiday party and summer picnic – These are fun potluck events where we have a chance to catch up with fellow writers.


Can you provide a home or other venue for the holiday party?

Will you help with set up beforehand and clean-up afterward?

Please email me if you can help: bettykuffel@gmail.com

6. Volunteer coordinator (A new position) – With our many different activities, it would be helpful to have a central contact person who can point members in the correct direction.

AOF is 100% volunteer-powered. Without you, there is no AOF. If you’ve received help, encouragement, and support, please consider giving some of your time back to the organization. As Dennis Foley always says: PASS IT ON!

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