President's Letter - Sept 12, 2022


Dear Authors of the Flathead Members, 

Connie Cermak, our conference media and advertising presenter, is disseminating a marvelous advertising and information push for our upcoming conference. A message from her on how we can share information about the event: 

As we gear up for our 31st Annual Flathead River Writers Conference, we’re spreading the word that this year's writing workshop is available both live at Flathead Valley Community College and online via Zoom!  

We’re actively promoting the event and our guest speakers on Instagram and Facebook. Here is the link to follow us on Instagram: AofF. We encourage you to add your questions and comments to our posts where we look forward to engaging with you.  

We’re also happy to promote your books via our Instagram account using our upcoming Highlight (the circle) called “Books.” Please tag your book posts with Authors_of_the_Flathead and we’ll repost your content, adding your books to our BOOKS Highlight.  

To learn more about our speakers, click on the SPEAKERS highlight on Instagram, or visit our website. 

Lastly, for those of you who would like to SHARE our Instagram stories, you can download the FREE Repost app. This is the link to download the Apple version:  

Instructions for how to use the repost app: 

1. Open your Instagram account and go to @Authors_of_the_flathead and find the story or post you’d like to share.  

2. Tap the 3 little dots in the top right corner and select “copy link.” 

3. Return to the Repost App and wait for the post or story to show up. 

4. Click on More Settings, choose your settings and click Share! 

We look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks! 

Thank you, 

Craig Thomas Naylor, President 

Authors of the Flathead


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