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From your President

May 20, 2020

Dear Authors,

I hope you are adapting to our once-in-a lifetime experience living as characters in an unbelievable thriller. A contagious deadly virus with a crazy name emerges from a live animal market in China and spreads internationally even reaching rural Montana where we hide in our homes.

Writers tend to thrive being alone, living in make-believe worlds with characters no one else has yet met. As long as we can write, most of us do well. However, if we lost the internet, electricity and computer access, things would be much worse. Some writers love the physical distancing and have made great progress in their writing projects.

Zooming: Like the schools, our writing group adapted to an online community replacing the 7 pm Thursday FVCC meetings with Zoom events. Our website provides the schedule details, speaker information, and instructions for joining sessions. Kathy Dunnehoff has taken over for Dennis Foley and is now presenting the first Thursday gatherings. We have the usual speaker event, open reading and on the 4th Thursdays, screenwriting with Barbara Schiffman. Montana Women Writers are also meeting online on Zoom.

When FVCC opens with continued restrictions providing a safe environment, we will return to in-person meetings. This will require physical distancing, masks and likely a larger room. In the meantime, I hope you will join us online.

Student Writing Contest: The winners of the high school writing contest will soon be announced. Thank you to all those who helped with the logistics and judging. It is an exciting time for all students especially seniors who have had to make major adjustments in plans.

Flathead River Writers Conference: Some good news, all the presenters agreed to speak at our next conference. It is scheduled for the weekend of September 18th and 19th 2021. Larry Brooks also agreed to do a one-day master class on the preceding Friday.

Caution: There has been a surge in people using Zoom for business and personal communication. This surge has attracted hackers who zoom-bomb events with ugly videos. To avoid this, we do not list our classes as “public”. You must register and enter with a URL and password provided to members. Any hacks are to be reported to the FBI.

Best wishes for health, and great writing.

Betty Kuffel

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