November 17, 2019

Greetings from the President,

We are nearing the end of 2019 with holidays and the new year looming. Wishing you all a great year of writing enjoyment and accomplishments. If you could use a little help organizing and setting writing goals for 2020, the presentation on December 5th by Kathy Dunnehoff is for you. (Dennis will be off that night tending to his wife who will be adjusting to the hip replacement she is receiving on her birthday in late November!)

A screenwriting contest for Montanans has just opened and is posted on our website. If you are interested in developing this skill, Kathy Dunnehoff is teaching a screenwriting class at FVCC in the spring. Authors of the Flathead’s annual high school student writing contest is now open for submissions, so if you know a local student who might be interested, please direct them to our website for details. We award significant cash prizes. Thanks to all of you helping with the student contest and offering to judge in March.

Please let us know if you have topics or specific speakers you might like to hear in the coming year. We are developing a calendar for the second Thursdays of each month at this time.

Your officers for 2020 are:

President: Betty Kuffel

VP: Christine Hensleigh

Secretary: Fran Tabor

Treasurer: Tom Kuffel

At large Board Members: Dennis Foley and Dixon Rice

Election is at the first meeting in November each year. Consider opportunities to volunteer to help with coordinating our wonderful club of Writers Helping Writers. Primary duties of officers are important shared responsibilities. We do not have regular board meetings but during times of accelerated needs to coordinate the fall conference we meet often. This group expands to additional core people with duties related to the conference. I will soon create a list for volunteers to fill specific roles for the conference, the student writing contest and other key positions.

Dennis will continue to speak on topics of creative writing on first Thursdays of each month. For the second Thursdays, Christine Hensleigh will be in charge of obtaining speakers, scheduling, posting to Facebook, and notifying Dennis Foley our webmaster of the speaker, a short bio and title for each talk. Fran Tabor chairs the 3rd Thursday meetings for Open Readings. Even if you are not sharing a portion of your writing, please consider attending the Open Readings to provide input and critique for other participants. For questions, you can contact any of us through the website or at meetings.

This month we welcomed numerous new attendees!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Betty Kuffel

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