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September 14, 2021 

An Update from the President   

Dear Authors,   

After months of limited socialization and reduced writing focus, there are a number of events coming up to energize the group and our writing. We have in-person gatherings at FVCC, the picnic this week and soon, the conference, followed by NanoWriMo.    

It’s time to get organized.   

Many authors I have talked to recently have been industrious during the months of social separation due to COVID-19 risks. Some have accomplished a great deal in their writing goals, others have been distracted by circumstances, summer activities and visitors. Fall is upon us, and the Flathead River Writer Conference is just a month away. Plans for the 2022 conference are well underway with hopes for a lively in-person conference next year.   

One way to energize writing and each other is to party. This Thursday, September 16th, we have scheduled our Annual Picnic at Whitefish City Beach. We cancelled last year, but now, with many of our members fully immunized, an outdoor gathering appears safe. The format is changed for safety reasons and food will be provided by the group.  

The Picnic is Thursday September 16 at 4:30 at Gazebo #3, Whitefish City Beach

· Menu: Subway sandwich selections and watermelon. Bring your own drinks. 

· Lots of conversation and updates related to the virtual conference in October. 

· Please do not attend unless you have been fully vaccinated. 

· Guests are welcome   

Many in Montanans are vaccinated but only 40% in our area are fully immunized. FVCC remains open to in-person classes with COVID precautions. Our weekly meetings are now in-person and via Zoom. Please check the schedule on our website as things could change depending on community circumstances. 

Our hospitals are maxed out with COVID-19 patients, all of those in ICU and on ventilator support are not vaccinated. Because of the high contagion of the Delta variant masks are advised unless socially separated by at least 6 feet.   

Election of officers: I will be posting a list of job descriptions for the group. Consider running for office. Both President and VP positions will be open. Check out the requirements and throw your hat in the ring. These are volunteer positions in our non-profit organization.   

Hope to see you at the picnic on Thursday. Be sure to check the Schedule on our website so you don’t miss the big screenwriting event and coming classes.     

Happy days, 

Betty Kuffel  

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