Mid-March President's Letter

Mid-March President's Letter

Mid-March President's Letter

Dear Authors of the Flathead (and Beyond!),

It's spring! I'm not getting much writing in these days as I tend to my orchard, get the garden

going, put wood up for next winter, prep my conducting for Crown of the Continent Choir

concerts March 21 (St. Ignatius Mission) and April 5 (O'Shaugnessey in Whitefish). I have been

one of the editors for Whitefish Review's upcoming Music issue. One daily task I look forward

to: After taking the dog out in the morning (usually around 4:30), I grab a cup of coffee and

write a poem. Some are garbage, some have potential, and an occasional one is a jewel. But,

even if I can't get to my novels, I write every day, even if it's only a haiku. I hope your daily

practice flourishes, too.

This is a long letter with a lot of important information. Thank you for your patience.

The 2024 Flathead River Writers Conference presenter bios and presentation content will be

up soon on our website. I'll let you know when. Dates: Keir Graff's workshop on creating

conflict - Friday, October 4 and the full conference October 5 and 6. Registration should open

around April 15 (for Authors of the Flathead members) and a few weeks later to the general


This is a good time to renew your membership to ensure early conference registration and get

first choice on visiting with an agent or editor. Check the Membership link on our website or

send a good old-fashioned check to PO Box 7711, Kalispell, 59904.

AotF has been in transition the past few years as we move from elders who have stewarded the

organization for decades to a new group of leaders. That transition continues as AotF Godfather

Dennis Foley needs to ease out of being our webmaster. For those who don't know, Dennis

moved to the Flathead a few decades ago after a career in the army and successful years in the

film and TV biz in LA. He took a small organization and, with the help of some others, built this

group of Writers Helping Writers into what we have today. He taught classes at FVCC and many

of our published authors owe their start to Dennis's coaching and experience. We, and I, cannot

thank him enough.

The board will be meeting to discuss our long-term plans but, in the meanwhile, if an AotF

member wishes to step forward to be a backup for Dennis as we transition, please let me know.

The basic responsibilities are posting updates to the schedule page. As registration opens, the

webmaster will also need to activate the conference links. The rest of the board and volunteers

take it from there.

Back to weekly details:

We have fabulous meetings coming up, always listed on our website.

Special events are also listed, such as Barbara and Glenn Schiffman's Story Concerts. They

currently seek submissions for 2024 concerts on May 21 and September 17 with themes All in

the Family (biological or otherwise) or Firsts & Lasts (‘the first time I... ‘ or ‘the last time I...’).

Submission deadline for May Story Concert is May 1.

Flathead Story Concerts are curated and themed (not open-mic). Submit your true personal

stories, flash fiction, novel or memoir excerpts by email ~900-1200 words = 6-8 minutes live

tell-time. Questions? Contact FSC curators/hosts Glenn & Barbara Schiffman at

story23fvcc@gmail.com or 747-238-0038 and check their website:


Need to get away for some writing solitude? I received an invitation for AotF members to apply

for residency at the Dorland Mountain Colony in Temecula, California. I composed my master's

thesis there and loved it. https://www.dorlandartscolony.com/.

Write On!